Art Reproduction

"Plastic Apocalypse" by Maggie Hall


We professionally photograph your original artwork using a Phase One 150MP Medium Format Digital Camera in a critically controlled lighting studio setup.

We have extensive experience capturing a variety of original art. We will professionally photograph it, colour-manage the digital file, and optimize it for print. Our client list includes professional and amateur painters, artists, conservators, governments, museums, commercial/public galleries, and art foundations.


We offer high-quality reflective flat art or print scans measuring up to 12 x 17″. We professionally scan your prints using a top-of-the-line Epson flatbed scanner combined with state of the art scanning software to ensure you get the best scan possible.

This is a great service for scanning photo prints and small flat art pieces.


35mm Medium and Large Format film scanning with a Phase One 150MP Medium Format Digital Camera resulting in massive beautiful files of your film.

Photographed with Phase One Cultural Heritage Capture Stage, and digitally processed in Phase One Cultural Heritage Edition software.