Digital Prints

At Resolve, our intent is to be the first service you think of for your large format and fine art printing, especially when the prints really matter. We use a digital print process, and there are a few reasons why this might matter to you when you are looking for a printing service to work with.

The Prints

The most important thing about our approach is that we begin with the end in mind: your goals for the prints. Want quality prints without a lot of fuss, based on your images that are ready to go? No problem, just send us your files and we’ll prepare the prints for you. Need to spend some time with one of our team to understand the whole process and get the best prints of your work? No problem, we can arrange that, too.

Either way, we care about your needs as a photographer or artist. It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself an amateur, enthusiast, aspiring professional or working pro — because we understand print inside-out and focus on your needs, we can help you in a way that no “push button” operation can do.

  • We’ll help you understand the potential for translating your images to print.
  • If need be, we’ll give you tips to ensure you get the most from your digital files.
  • We’ll help you choose one or more papers that are best for your images.
  • We can work with you on the finished presentation, from providing ideas to producing the finished framed pieces.

The prints we produce are one of the biggest reasons why our customers keep coming back.

The Digital Process

The second benefit of our digital print process is that it helps us maintain a high level of craftsmanship. We start by looking at every digital file before we print it, ideally with you alongside so everyone is on the same page. We use calibrated large format monitors made by NEC, set up for our process. We’ll look at the effectiveness of the images at the print sizes you’re thinking of, the overall tone and colour, and many other quality details. When the prints are made there are no weird surprises compared to how things looked on the screen.
We use professional image editing and printing software including Adobe Photoshop, ColorByte ImagePrint and X-Rite i1Profiler. We understand the digital tools intimately, and know how to use them in a controlled workflow to maintain a high level of consistency in colour reproduction from screen to print. Since there is as much art involved as there is science, we also know how to use the tools creatively to produce beautiful, expressive prints.

K7 Printing (Black and White)

We keep a sharp eye on evolving printing technology. To make your prints, we have several state of the art, large format inkjet printers from Epson, including the model 11880. We print on quality digital inkjet papers from the best paper mills, up to 60″ wide and virtually any practical length. The printer hardware is paired with Epson’s own pigment inks for colour and black & white work, or with Jon Cone-designed K7 carbon inks for the ultimate quality B&W prints. The combinations of inks and papers we use are suitable for the best quality work, and meet the standards of purchasers, galleries and museums worldwide.

If you are up to speed on digital colour management and want to get more dialed in on your part of the process, we can provide you with printing profiles for the media you will print on. We can also help you calibrate your own equipment if necessary. This will ensure an accurate soft-proofing environment for your editing, meaning that your digital files are closer to where they need to be when you first bring them in.

Confidence in the quality and accuracy of our digital printing process is another big reason why our customers print with us.

Want to Know More?

  • See our pricing chart for a sample of sizes and media we can produce for you.
  • Find a lot of specific details in our Frequently Asked Questions list.
  • Read our on-going blog series called Paper Profiles for more information on some of the inkjet media we can print on.
  • Check out our Open Studio Series of workshops if you want to take your printing knowledge to the next level.